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The largest selection of O-rings

These advantages are ONLY available at NH

All O-rings

Our system contains over
5 million O-rings created,
so that we can offer you almost every O-ring.

Delivery Times

Over 90% of our O-rings had a delivery time of between 1-3 days. Even 10,000 FFKM O-rings are available from stock.

Price Level

Our prices are not only really good, but also consistently good.
There is not just one specific area that we are good at.

Minimum Values

Only with us do you have no minimum item values, minimum order values or minimum order quantities.


You have a dedicated account manager who takes care of your inquiries, orders and other concerns. Practical, isn't it?

Free Of Charge
Specialist Knowledge

We are happy to share our expertise with you in our academy. We post new free specialist articles here every month.

THE O-RING SUPPLIER from Großenlüder

Firmengebäude NH O-Ring
NH O-RING Gebäude in Großenlüder

We only supply O-rings and that's why we're really good at it.

Do you know it? Your O-rings are C-items and only make up a small part of your products that you have to purchase for your machines or systems and yet you have created 3-4 different O-ring suppliers in your system?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had just one O-ring supplier who could offer you all O-ring sizes and materials quickly, easily and at an attractive price? If you answered “yes” here, then you’ve come to the right place.

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Positive Kundenbewertung
Positive Kundenbewertung
Positive Kundenbewertung
Positive Kundenbewertung
Positive Kundenbewertung

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