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Interesting facts about our O-ring tools

Professional Tools

Our O-ring tools will simplify your life with your O-ring seals. Here you will find everything you need for your daily work with O-rings.

Design Aids

With the help of our tools, you can easily design new O-rings for your specific application or check older designs.

Latest Status

The figures and data in our tools reflect the latest state of research. We will update this data at regular intervals.


When designing our tools, we attached great importance to ensuring that the O-ring tools are easy for you to use in your everyday life.

Free Advice

You can find free expert knowledge about O-ring seals everywhere on our homepage, but of course we are also happy to advise you personally.

Supplier and Expert

Not only do we supply a huge range of O-rings, but we also provide the important expertise for the product.

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