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Our 6 most important principles

Have a mission

We make life as easy as possible for our customers with their O-rings.

Less but better

We only do one thing, but we do it much better than anyone else.

Working with a system

We can only reproduce our successes if our system ensures a fixed process.

Who over what

Who is on board is much more important to us than the direction we are heading in.

Lifelong learning

Learning is a lifelong process that makes us a little bit better every day.

Fun at work

Work must be fun. Money is important, but it must not be the main motivation.

WHAT YOU can expect from us

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What makes us unique

Our positioning on the product “O-rings” makes us unique. As our company name “NH O-RING” suggests, we supply our customers exclusively with O-rings.

In line with our motto “It couldn’t be simpler”, we aim to make it as easy as possible for our customers to order their O-rings from us.

Zwei Mitarbeiter des Teams NH O-RING besprechen einen Auftrag

What makes our team special

The most important thing in a first-class team is that the members have the same values. As a team, we attach great importance to harmonious cooperation, an efficient and structured way of working and the personal development of each individual team member.

For us, these are not just buzzwords, they are a living practice.

Zwei Mitarbeiter des Teams NH O-RING besprechen einen Auftrag

What defines our culture

Everyone is aware that every position in the company is essential, without exception, and accordingly we all treat each other as equals. The aim is for everyone to help shape the development of our company as much as possible. Accordingly, we all proudly wear the NH logo on our chests and identify strongly with what we do.

Frequently asked questions

What qualifications do I need to have?

Almost all of us are career changers. You don’t need any specialist knowledge of O-rings. We will teach you this when you start with us.

Where will my workplace be?

We built a beautiful, modern company building in 2019 and are located in Großenlüder (Müs) directly on the B254 federal highway.

Is my employment contract limited in time?

No. Everyone in the NH team has a permanent employment contract.

When can I start with you?

As we have been growing for years, we are always looking for new talent to join our team. You are welcome to contact us at any time.

Is it a full-time or part-time position?

We are looking for new team members who would like to work full-time (40 hours).

Is it possible to work from home?

Yes, working from home is possible and we also provide the hardware.

Can I keep private appointments flexibly?

Yes, you can. Most of us live nearby and have private appointments in between. Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, the dog has to go out at lunchtime or the workmen are at the door.

As we have an overtime and undertime account, you can compensate for absences flexibly and independently without having to apply for vacation.

How is the summer vacation organized?

Almost all team members take 3 weeks off in a row in the summer (June-August).
Note: 100% of your vacation time is covered. This means that when you come back after your relaxing vacation, your desk and e-mail inbox will be empty.

What is the average age of the team?

The average age of the team is 33.

Are team events organized?

Yes, absolutely. We organize team events very regularly.

Christmas party | summer party | bowling | escape rooms | restaurant visits | games evenings | hikes | and much more.

What our customers say about us

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If you would like to become part of the NH team, please send us your contact details 😉

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