O-RING standards
Guarantee for quality

COMPANY standards

No minimum position values, no minimum order values, no minimum order quantities

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to buy their O-rings. As minimum item values, minimum order values and minimum order quantities complicate the ordering process, it is logical that we have no minimum values.

Average waiting time for orders: 28 minutes

We attach great importance to ensuring that our customers only have to wait as short a time as possible for the order confirmation. We evaluate the average waiting time every month and are constantly looking at how we can make the waiting time even shorter.

Average waiting time for offers: 32 minutes

We rate the waiting time for inquiries even slightly higher than for orders, as we assume that the desired state is that an offer should have almost no waiting time. Short waiting times make communication extremely easy, which is why this value is very high on our list of priorities.

Fully automated merchandise management system: digital, paperless and time-efficient

Our ERP system is currently one of the best ERP systems on the market. All our processes follow a clear structure that is controlled and implemented digitally. This makes our processes extremely time-efficient and we have significantly more time for the important things.

One dedicated contact person per customer for all concerns

We ourselves don’t like it when we don’t know which employee we should go to with which request. So we asked ourselves what would be easiest, and the answer was that having a single point of contact for all matters was the simplest solution.

Each order can be changed flexibly within 24 hours

We understand that sometimes things can change at short notice and therefore you can flexibly change orders (e.g. adjust quantities or add items) within 24 hours.

Product standards

Our O-rings are all produced in accordance with ISO 3601

All our O-rings are manufactured as standard in accordance with the requirements and tolerance specifications of
ISO 3601
produced. In our “Tool” area you will find, among other things, the tolerance list in accordance with ISO 3601.

All our O-rings are RoHS and REACH compliant

Our O-rings are all RoHS and REACH compliant. Sounds good, but what exactly does that mean?

  • RoHS: EU Directive 2011/65EU regulates the use of hazardous materials in electrical appliances.
  • REACH: In order to protect people from harmful substances, the REACH regulation requires companies to register all chemicals contained in their products and also specify how critical chemicals are to be handled.
Data sheets are available for all materials and can be downloaded online

What could be easier than viewing and/or downloading all data sheets directly online? We thought so too and have therefore put all our data sheets online.

Free sample deliveries are generally possible

Sometimes the effort of an order + order + delivery bill + etc… is simply not in proportion to the fact that a sample ring is to be tested for the application. In these cases, we are happy to support you with a sample delivery.

Excellent quality thanks to proven raw materials

The quality of the raw material is a decisive factor when it comes to assessing the quality of a finished O-ring. Poor raw material = poor quality. Accordingly, our O-rings are made exclusively from proven material mixtures (compounds).

All O-rings can be supplied with various approvals such as FDA, USP Class VI, DVGW, BAM and many more. be delivered

Nowadays, there are a large number of different material approvals from various countries. It can be difficult to keep track of everything. It is practical that we can supply you with almost any combination of O-ring + approval.

Quality standards

Random outgoing inspection of all O-rings

Every outgoing delivery goes through our in-house quality control, where we check every delivery once again in detail. As a result, our complaint rate is extremely low, which of course pleases us immensely.

Quotation and order times are tracked and analyzed monthly

Every month, we analyze the average quotation and order times and check where we can make adjustments to improve our times even further.

Monthly training courses on the subject of "O-rings"

When it comes to O-ring know-how, it doesn’t really matter who you are talking to on the phone from the NH team. Whether in the warehouse or the office, each of us regularly undergoes further training in the field of O-rings.

We store our O-rings in accordance with the guidelines of the DIN 7715 standard

The correct storage of O-rings is essential and is often neglected. Our storage concept is designed in accordance with DIN 7715. DIN 7715 specifies various requirements as to how elastomers must be stored.

Once a quarter, we examine all processes and optimization options in our EASY meeting

Once a quarter, we take time to sit down together and consider which processes we can simplify. According to our slogan “It couldn’t be simpler”, the simplicity of a process is more important to us.

Complaints are processed with priority and analyzed by our error management team

Thanks to our quality controls, we have very few complaints, but when we do receive one, it is given high priority for two reasons.

  • Reason 1: A complaint is a clear indication that there is an error somewhere in our process cycle that we can find and eliminate.
  • Reason 2: A complaint gives us the chance to prove that we are seriously interested in the success of our customers and that we are there for our customers when it matters.

Delivery standards

On-time delivery: 99.3% of all parcels are delivered on time

In 2020, 99.3% of all parcels sent reached our customers on time. We are proud of this value and are working to ensure that it stays that way.

Delivery time: stock items 1-3 days; custom-made items 5-6 weeks

Basically, it is important to know what you can expect. You can therefore expect the following:

  • Delivery time for stock items (90%): 1-3 days
  • Delivery time production (10%): 4-5 weeks
Accurate delivery thanks to state-of-the-art scales

Our warehouse is equipped with modern scales which guarantee that we deliver exact quantities. However, there are limits here too, as it is not possible to deliver larger quantities (e.g. 100,000) in exact quantities. With these quantities we achieve a max. Tolerance of ±1%.

National shipping from 125,00€ order value carriage paid

We reward our customers for collecting order items. If the total value of an order (excluding VAT) is over €125.00, each delivery or partial delivery is carriage paid.

92% of all parcels reach our customers within one day without express costs

Our company is located in Großenlüder near Fulda and is therefore very central within Germany. With our shipping service provider UPS, we therefore manage to ensure that 92% of our parcels reach you within one day, even without express costs.

Express delivery options: 12:00 (20,00€) and 17:00 (15,00€)

The standard express options ensure that your parcels arrive the next day either at 12:00 noon (costs €20.00) or by 5:00 pm (costs €15.00). (National shipping)

In the case of extremely urgent deliveries, delivery at 8:30 a.m. or on Saturday is also possible after consultation with us.

Price standards

Excellent price level across all O-ring materials

Our price level is extremely attractive and the best thing is that it is consistently good across all O-ring materials. If you find our prices of e.g. FKM O-rings interesting, then there is a very good chance that all other O-ring materials are also interesting for you in terms of price.

Graduated prices: Volume discounts for higher quantities

We do not believe in flat-rate individual prices and would therefore like to reward higher order quantities with a significantly better price.

Fixed list prices with best price status

All item prices are permanently stored in lists in our merchandise management system. This is important to us:

  • Regardless of turnover, all our customers should benefit from our best pricing
  • We do not include a “negotiation margin”, as we consider it immensely more efficient if we can offer you the best price straight away and thus skip a negotiation.
Almost all O-rings are stored with prices in our system

As you may have already seen on our website, there are over 5,100,000 O-rings in our inventory management system. It is therefore obvious that we cannot have a price for every item, but we do have the most important prices in the system for quick processing of inquiries. In addition, we expand our price lists at regular intervals so that we are gradually approaching completeness.

We pass on price reductions, e.g. when the price of a raw material falls, to our customers

At the moment, it does not look as if raw material prices, for example, will fall, but when they do, our customers will benefit.

Price security through blanket orders: Every O-ring can be ordered from us as a blanket order

Our prices have not changed in the last 5 years. This is remarkable when it has become almost standard practice to receive an e-mail every January informing us that prices will increase by 3-5%. I’m sure it sounds familiar to you too.

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